Green Building Initiative

Green Building Initiative

The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history which directly implies progression in the construction sector. Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. They contribute to around 40% of carbon dioxide emissions leading to global warming. To address growing urban emissions and over exploitation of resources, it is essential to understand city’s growth patterns, pattern of resource utilization, and venture upon opportunities to ensure emission reduction from both direct and indirect sources. In order to address this global issue, PCMC has taken a proactive initiative to reduce the environmental footprint generated by the building industry. The first municipal corporation in the country to make a conscious effort towards promoting sustainable development and wise use of natural resources by adopting GRIHA-The national rating system for green buildings in India.

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Executive Engineer, Environment Department, 2nd floor, PCMC main building, Pimpri -18

Executive Engineer, Building Permission Department,  2nd floor, PCMC main building, Pimpri -18

Ar. Namrata Kaur Mahal, Manager,  GRIHA Council. Cell: +91 9833913031

Ar. Ketaki Karmarkar, Manager-PCMC, GRIHA Council. Cell: +91 9890479410